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Consumer rights and complaints

Consumer protection and rights for goods and services – includes staying safe online and refunds.

  1. Consumer rights

    How to get a refund, repair or replacement when something you buy from a shop is faulty.

  2. Nuisance calls

    How to deal with unwanted and unsolicited phone calls.

  3. Reduce the amount of junk mail you get

    Information on how to get less unwanted mail delivered to your home.

  4. Protecting your computer and devices online

    Information about protecting your computer and devices against online threats and fraud.

  5. Protecting your money online

    Information about banking online, with your mobile and contactless, donating money to charity online and online transactions.

  6. Report food crime

    Find out what food crime is and how to report it.

  7. Staying safe online

    Information about staying safe online, including: social media, apps, online fraud, cyber bullying, deleting your browser history and reporting online crime to the police.

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