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Being a landlord in Scotland

Information and advice on being a landlord in Scotland.

  1. Background checks on new tenants

    Information for landlords on checks you can make on new tenants renting your property. Includes proof of identification checks, credit checks, references and guarantors.

  2. Communication agreements

    Information on agreeing a method for a landlord and tenant to contact each other during a private residential tenancy.

  3. Create a Rent Increase Notice for your tenant

    If you want to increase your tenant's rent you need to fill in and give your tenant a Rent Increase Notice.

  4. Create a tenancy agreement

    Complete a private residential tenancy agreement between you and your tenant.

  5. Furnished, part furnished and unfurnished homes

    Find out about the differences in furnished, unfurnished and part-furnished homes.

  6. Landlord right of entry

    Information on how to gain access to a property if you're a landlord.

  7. Letting agent regulation (information for landlords)

    Information on the Letting Agent Code of Practice and how to complain about your letting agent.

  8. Private water supplies

    Information on how to look after your domestic or commercial private water supply.

  9. Resolving a rented housing dispute

    Information on how to resolve a housing dispute when you're a private tenant or a private landlord.

  10. Tell your subtenant they need to leave

    Use this notice if your subtenant has a private residential tenancy and you want them to leave.

  11. Tell your tenant they need to leave

    Use this notice if you have a private residential tenancy with your tenant and you want them to leave.

  12. Tenancy agreements - landlords

    How to create a tenancy agreement for a private residential tenancy.

  13. Renting your property out

    A guide to renting out a property if you're a landlord.

  14. Tenancy deposits (landlords)

    Information on registering a tenant's deposit with a scheme and resolving disputes.

  15. Carrying out repairs as a landlord

    Information on dealing with tenant requests for repairs, as well as the Repairing Standard and Tolerable Standard.

  16. Dealing with a tenant's antisocial behaviour

    Information on what to do if you receive a complaint about a tenant's behaviour.

  17. Ending a tenancy as a landlord

    Information on legally ending a tenancy on a property you're renting out.

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