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Covid - support if you were on the Highest Risk List (previously 'the shielding list')

The Covid Highest Risk List ended on 31 May 2022

The Highest Risk List used to be called the Shielding List.

Most people who were on Scotland’s Highest Risk List no longer have a higher risk than other people in Scotland thanks to vaccination. But some people who are immunosuppressed are still at higher risk from Covid-19. You can find information for people who used to be on the Highest Risk List on

This includes:

  • information about why we no longer need the Highest Risk List
  • Mental health and wellbeing advice
  • links to further information and support
  • guidance for immunosuppressed people (
  • past research about the Highest Risk List
  • information on how we will contact people in future if we need to

The Scottish Government launched the Covid Sense Signage Pilot on 29 June 2022. This will help and encourage organisations and businesses to provide signs and reassure people about the protective measures they have in place, particularly those with underlying health conditions and who are at a higher risk from Covid-19.

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