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Latest Scottish Government advice to people at highest risk from Covid

Advice from 9 August 2021

All areas of Scotland have moved out of the Covid levels system and are no longer in Level 0. We're still asking everyone in Scotland to follow some important precautionary measures to protect people who may not yet have had the vaccine, or who are unable to have it. We continue to take a cautious approach to easing restrictions.

We're still asking people at highest risk from Covid to follow the same advice as the rest of the population. This is based on strong clinical evidence. And more people getting vaccinated every day also means anyone who cannot be vaccinated has extra protection too. See the daily data for your area on the Public Health Scotland dashboard.

Measures that remain in place

We're reminding everyone in Scotland to keep following the public health advice around:

  • wearing face coverings on public transport and in shops and indoor public places including workplaces, unless exempt
  • avoiding crowded places and keeping a safe distance, especially indoors, from people who are not in your own household
  • keeping hands and surfaces clean
  • good ventilation (for example, keeping windows open where this is possible)

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Why we’re now saying 'highest risk' instead of 'shielding'

The highest risk group is a group of people who we might have asked to shield in the past. Most adults in Scotland will soon have had both doses of the vaccine. This means people at highest risk are now much less likely to catch Covid.

Shielding is often harmful to physical and mental health, and can lead to social isolation. There are now other ways of reducing your risk from Covid other than shielding, including vaccination, and ensuring you and everyone else in Scotland continues to follow the advice we give to protect you. This means we now see shielding as a last resort and we're unlikely to ask you to shield again.

You do not have to shield now, and this is why we're now using the words ‘highest risk' instead of 'shielding' to talk about you and other people in this group.

How the NHS handles your personal health information

Find out how the NHS handles your personal health information on the NHS inform website.

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