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Latest Scottish Government advice to people on the Highest Risk List

Omicron variant

We know that a booster vaccination provides strong protection against Omicron, and reduces the possibility of serious illness for people of all ages.

You can help reduce the spread of the virus by getting all the vaccinations you’re entitled to and following the latest Scottish Government Covid advice.

You can see the daily case rates in your area and vaccination statistics on the Public Health Scotland dashboard.

Our advice for people on the Highest Risk List

We're asking people on the Highest Risk List to continue to follow the same advice as the rest of the population, unless advised otherwise by your clinician or GP. They and you know your personal circumstances and your health condition best.

Distance Aware badges and lanyards

Find out about the Distance Aware badge and lanyard scheme at The scheme is for anyone who prefers others to give them extra space and care, for any reason.

Why we’re not asking people to shield

The Highest Risk List is a group of people who we might have asked to shield in the past. We know that shielding was harmful to many people’s physical and mental health, and lead to loneliness and social isolation. We also have a better understanding of the factors affecting spread of the virus. The ways of reducing your risk from Covid other than shielding include:

  • vaccination and regular testing
  • ensuring you and everyone else in Scotland continues to follow the advice we give to protect you

This means we now see shielding as a last resort and we're unlikely to ask you to shield again. You do not have to shield now, and this is why we're now talking about the Highest Risk List instead of the Shielding List.

How the NHS handles your personal health information

Find out how the NHS handles your personal health information on the NHS inform website.

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