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Applying to the Lands Tribunal for Scotland

The Lands Tribunal deals with certain disputes about land and property in Scotland.

These include:

  • title deed disputes, if you want to remove or change the conditions
  • right to buy disputes about your home, if you rent from the council or a housing association
  • compensation disputes, if your land is bought or loses value because of public works
  • valuation disputes for rating on non-domestic premises
  • appeals against the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland
  • appeals about valuation of land on pre-emptive purchase
  • disputes covered by the Electronic Communications Code
  • voluntary or joint references, where both parties agree to the tribunal resolving their land or property dispute

Visit the Lands Tribunal website for more information about its powers.

Apply to the tribunal

The tribunal has application forms and guidance on its website.

Check how to apply on the Lands Tribunal website.

Getting legal advice and representation

The tribunal uses complex legal language and processes. Getting a solicitor to represent you can help you apply.

There’s financial help available for legal costs, called legal aid. This can pay for:

  • legal advice about your situation
  • help applying to the tribunal
  • legal representation at a hearing

Check how to get help with legal costs.

See previous tribunal decisions

The tribunal publishes decisions on its website.

Search for decisions on the Lands Tribunal website.

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