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Register a title in the Land Register

Registers of Scotland are working on a single register for land and property titles, called the Land Register of Scotland.

By having all land and property owners on a single register, this will give a full picture of exactly who owns what across Scotland.

This will make buying and selling property much easier, faster and cheaper.

Registering your title on the Land Register will:

  • make the exact boundaries of your land clear
  • give you a state-backed warranty, protecting you against claims of adverse possession
  • help with disposal of surplus land and property
  • make estate management easier
  • make succession planning easier
  • make ownership more transparent

When you sell a property it automatically moves to the Land Register. If you don't plan to sell or buy you can contact Registers of Scotland to register your land or property title. This is called voluntary registration.

Visit the Registers of Scotland website for more information on voluntary registration, and how to register.

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