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Feasibility fund

From August 2019 only projects already invited to apply at Expression of Interest stage will be accepted.

You'll need to do lots of planning in the early stages of your building project. This planning is called 'feasibility work' and some examples are:

  • architect's design drawings
  • quantity surveyor's cost estimates
  • structural engineer's report
  • work to understand the views of the local community

You can ask for up to £10,000 for feasibility work from the Rural and Islands Housing Funds (RIHF). It's given as a grant so you do not have to pay the money back.

The feasibility work must be finished within 12 months of finding out you got the grant.


The feasibility fund cannot be used for:

  • staff salaries
  • loan payments
  • paying for staff to apply for funding
  • projects where building work has started
  • projects for religious groups
  • goods or services that you bought before you accepted the grant
  • legal advice and representation
  • recruitment services

There are other feasibility funding options if the RIHF is not right for you.

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