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During and after the project

During the project

You'll be asked to give information about how you're getting on with the project in 'progress reports'. If you're given funding, you'll be told how often these will be needed.

You could be asked for a site visit at any point of the project.

If the terms and conditions agreed for the grant and loan are not met you'll need to repay the money.

After the project

You need to send a 'Project Completion Return Form' within 28 days of the last property being rented or sold. You'll be given this form.

When the homes are finished there'll be an assessment to check that the:

  • project is complete
  • housing is what was agreed
  • conditions of the grant are being met

You'll need to feedback how the funding was spent and what was achieved. Everything you've spent money on should be accounted for.

If you cannot make or continue to keep the homes affordable, you'll be asked to repay either:

  • the full grant
  • the loan and charged a fee for early repayment
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