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Small, non-commercial water supplies

If you have a small, non-commercial supply, your local council should register it, but it doesn't have to be risk assessed or tested.

Although you don't have to, there are benefits to registering your supply.

Wind farm developers and forestry planners check the register to see if their projects might affect your supply.

If your supply's on the register, they'll be able to see where it is and take this into account when they look at possible environmental impacts.

Your supply shouldn't contain microorganisms, parasites or substances which (in number or concentration) could potentially be dangerous to human health.

You can ask your local council for advice about how to make sure your water supply is safe.

There are grants available to help you cover the costs of improving your supply.

Your local council also has a duty to test and risk assess your supply if you ask them to. They can charge you for this.

Find more information on testing, treating and maintaining your water supply.

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