Object to a limited company being struck off

Last updated: 14 December 2018

You can object to a limited company's application to be struck off the companies register if you're a shareholder or other interested party, such as a creditor, and have a reason to stop the application, for example:

  • you've not been told about the company's decision
  • you think the declarations on the company's application are false
  • the directors have broken the law, eg tax fraud
  • you want to take legal action against the company

Find out if a company's applied to be struck off by searching notices on The Gazette.

How to object

Send your objection in writing to the Registrar of Companies for Scotland, along with any supporting evidence, eg invoices showing the company is still trading or owes a debt.

Registrar of Companies for Scotland
Companies House
Fourth Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge

DX: ED235 Edinburgh 1

LP – 4 Edinburgh 2

What happens next

Companies House will let you know if your objection is successful. They'll set a time limit (usually 3 to 6 months) during which the company can't be struck off.

You should tell Companies House before this deadline if you either:

  • need more time, eg to complete legal action against the company
  • resolve your issue with the company and no longer object to it being struck off

If you don't contact Companies House before your objection expires and the company still meets all the conditions, it will be struck off.