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Court claims, legal action and bankruptcy

Recovering debts, registering for bankruptcy and making or responding to court claims for money.

  1. Contact the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB)

    Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) contact details. Find information on the bankruptcy process in Scotland.

  2. Declaring bankruptcy or being made bankrupt

    Find out about declaring bankruptcy and being declared bankrupt. Includes information on bankruptcy orders, trustees and assets.

  3. Make a court claim for money

    How to take legal action if someone owes you money, how much it will cost and what happens after you make a claim through the courts.

  4. Object to a limited company being struck off

    Object to a company's application to be removed from the companies register.

  5. Register as a creditor in an insolvency case

    If you're owed money in any insolvency case (including bankruptcy or liquidation), contact the Accountant in Bankruptcy or insolvency practitioner to register as a creditor and make a claim for the money you're owed.

  6. Respond to a court claim for money

    What happens if someone makes a money claim against you, saying you owe them money, and how you can respond or defend yourself.

  7. Sheriff court decrees on debt

    What happens after a sheriff court issues a decree.

  8. Sheriff officer powers when they visit your home or business

    Your rights when sheriff officers visit your home or business – includes proof of identity, forcing entry and complaints.

  9. Wind up a company that owes you money

    You can apply to the court to ‘wind up’ a company if it can’t pay its debts of more than £750. If successful, the company will be put into liquidation.

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