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Fire safety in new build homes

 If your home is a new build

Houses that have been built since 2010 should already meet the new fire alarms standard. If you own a new build home and are concerned about its fire safety there are steps you can take to investigate.

Most new build homes in Scotland have a warranty for around 10 years. Check your title deeds and your warranty policy to see how long you're covered for.

New homes will have an Electrical Installation Certificate, you should have an electrical safety inspection carried out at least once every 10 years.

At the start of the warranty period

For the first couple of years of your warranty it's usually your builder or developer's responsibility to fix any problems with your home.

When they finished building it they should have given you information on how to report any repairs that need doing.

If you're worried about your home's fire safety, write to your builder or developer. Ask them to set up a fire safety survey of your home, and to fix any problems it identifies.

If they refuse to do this, you may want to contact your warrant provider and see if they'll pay to have the work done.

Visit the Consumer Code for Home Builders for more information on how to complain about your builder or developer.

During the rest of the warranty period

After the first couple of years (depending on the terms of your warranty) it's no longer your builder or developer's responsibility to fix any problems with your home.

Instead, you may be able to contact your warranty policy provider and make a claim to fix any problems you find.

Contact your policy provider to find out what your policy covers and how to make a claim.

If fire safety inspections aren't covered in your policy, you can contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and organise a free home fire safety visit.

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