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Returning the deposit

Once the tenancy has ended and the tenant has moved out you have to return the deposit they paid at the start of the tenancy.

You have to get in touch with the tenancy deposit scheme provider and ask for the deposit to be returned.

You should tell the provider how much of the deposit should go back to the tenant and, if there are any deductions, how much of it should go to you.

The provider will then ask the tenant if they agree with your application. They have to contact the scheme within 30 working days to confirm whether they agree or disagree.

If they do not reply, their share of the deposit will stay in the scheme and you'll get your share.

If you and your tenant have a disagreement over the deposit, either of you can contact the tenancy deposit scheme provider and ask for dispute resolution. The provider will then decide how the deposit will be split, depending on evidence given.

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