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Double claims

When more than one person applies for the same child

If more than one person applies for the same child or children, it's called a double claim. In these situations, Social Security Scotland has a process for deciding who gets the payment.

Social Security Scotland needs to make sure that the person who gets the payment meets their conditions around looking after children. They prioritise people who get a benefit that shows they look after a child and that their child lives with them.

Social Security Scotland prioritises some benefits over others, because the benefits provide more information about the child's living situation:

These are:

  • Child Tax Credits
  • Universal Credit Child Element
  • Pension Credit Child Addition

In situations where someone does not get any of the above benefits, Social Security Scotland may also accept:

  • a copy of a legal order
  • a copy of a letter from your local council
  • Child Benefit - you do not need to send anything for this, as Social Security Scotland get this information from HMRC

Social Security Scotland also prioritises the person who has a legal order or a letter of support from their local council over Child Benefit. This is because the information shows kinship care and that the child lives with the carer.

You'll get a letter to let you know about Social Security Scotland's decision.

For more information about double claims, call Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222.

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