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Complain about Children's Hearings Scotland

Children's Hearings Scotland (CHS) is a public body set up to improve outcomes and experiences for children and young people who may be at risk.

It does this by supporting the Children's Panel, working with partners and suggesting improvements across the children's hearings system.

You can make a complaint if you are not happy about the service they've provided by either:

  • the CHS community (panel members, Area Support Team members, CHS National Team members, CHS Board members), or
  • a member of an organisation carrying out work on behalf of the CHS community

Visit the CHS website for information on how to make a complaint.

You can complain about:

  • failure to provide a service
  • a service not meeting a high enough standard
  • a policy you are not happy about
  • the way a CHS community member treats or talks to the public
  • disagreeing with a decision that's been made if there's no way of appealing
  • CHS failing to follow the proper administrative process

You cannot complain to CHS about a Children's Reporter, social worker or Safeguarder. The CHS website tells you who to contact in those situations.

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