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Before the hearing

Why a children's hearing happens

A hearing is arranged if the Children's Reporter decides that a child or young person needs help with something in their life. They may need help if they:

  • are not being looked after properly at home
  • are not safe
  • are in trouble with the police
  • miss school often

The hearing will decide the best way to help them.

Before going to the hearing

The child or young person will get a letter from the Children's Reporter to tell them when and where the hearing will be. They can ask to visit the hearing centre beforehand.

A 'Hearing about me' form will be sent along with the letter from the Children's Reporter. This form can be completed before the hearing to help them write about how they're feeling.

'Hearing about me' forms are also available on the Scottish Children's Reporters Administration (SCRA) website:

Visit the SCRA website to find:

Legal advice and assistance

Legal advice and assistance may be available for children and young people, and their parents or carers. This does not usually need to be paid for.

Find out more about legal aid for children's hearings.

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