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Funeral Support Payment research

The Client Panels programme would like to tell you about a chance to take part in research on Funeral Support Payment. Researchers in the Scottish Government are running the study.  

They want to:

  • hear about your experience of applying for and receiving the payment
  • find out how the payment was used 

This research will help the Scottish Government understand how Funeral Support Payment can improve.

It’s voluntary, and you do not have to take part if you do not want to. 
The interview will take place with a researcher from the independent research agency Ipsos MORI. 

  • will take around 45 minutes
  • can be done by telephone or video call

Ipsos MORI will give you £30 as a thank you for your time. 

If you want to take part 

 Let Ipsos MORI know you’re interested in taking part by:

  • emailing using the words ‘Funeral Support Payment’ in the email title
  • writing to: Melissa Behm, Ipsos MORI, 4 Wemyss Place, EH3 6DH, Edinburgh
  • calling Melissa at 07583 127 425

They’ll arrange an interview with an Ipsos MORI researcher at a time that is convenient for you.

You can let them know if you need support to take part in an interview. 
For example, if:

  • English is not your first language
  • you have issues with vision or hearing

Ipsos MORI will make arrangements so that you can take part.

What happens next

Ipsos MORI may contact you to invite you to an interview. 

  • ask a few questions to check you’re eligible
  • potentially agree a date and time with you 
  • tell you more about the research
  • ask for your consent to take part 

Space is limited. Ipsos MORI may not contact you. 

Your personal information

This project is not part of the Client Panels research. The Client Panels team will not share any of your information with Ipsos MORI. By taking part, you’ll share your name and contact details directly with Ipsos MORI. 

No one in Social Security Scotland or the Scottish Government will know you’re involved in this research. Ipsos MORI is a separate organisation to Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government.

If you take part, only the Ipsos MORI research team will see your contact details. They’ll delete this information once the research is complete. 

Keeping your answers anonymous

Ipsos MORI will make sure that your answers are anonymous. No one will be able to identify you in any of the results. 

Taking part will not affect any of your applications or benefits. No one who makes benefit decisions now or in the future will know if you take part.

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