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Password security and user accounts

Using strong passwords can help keep your business and staff secure when:

  • accessing computers and services
  • emailing
  • using social media
  • purchasing
  • banking

It's important that your staff use strong passwords and update them regularly.

There are no fixed rules about creating a strong password. But you can find some advice on what you should and should not do on the:

Social media

Social media accounts can be targets of hacking and it's important you also:

  • restrict access to your business's social media accounts

  • only give access to staff who need it

  • train your staff to use these channels

You can find more advice on using social media in business on the Get Safe Online website.

User accounts and usernames

Businesses often have user accounts, which they use along with passwords.

User accounts allow you to give your staff their own username and access to their own files and programs.

User accounts also allow you to restrict access to more sensitive information, such as HR or payroll information.

Administrator accounts

You can also give some staff 'administrator accounts'.

Administrators can access all files and make changes for other users, such as:

  • installing software and hardware
  • changing security settings
  • adding, removing and updating other user accounts

You can find more advice on user accounts on the Get Safe Online website.

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