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Managing a business

Information on buying or renting premises, business insurance, business skills and data protection.

  1. Breastfeeding and your business

    Find out the law around breastfeeding and how to become a breastfeeding friendly business.

  2. Buying or renting premises

    Information on buying or renting business premises, including government or council property.

  3. Data protection and your business

    Data protection rules for businesses in recruiting staff, keeping staff records, using CCTV, information and data security.

  4. Develop your business skills

    Find out what training and information is available to help you develop your business skills.

  5. Get the right business insurance

    You'll need to ensure your business premises, and if you employ people, you are legally obliged to have employers' liability insurance.

  6. How to do stock control

    Find information on stock control techniques.

  7. IT and running a business online

    Information on IT and how to run a business online.

  8. Keeping your business safe online

    Information about keeping your business safe from online threats.

  9. Make improvements to your business

    Get advice from Scottish Enterprise on making improvements to your business.

  10. Managing risks to your business

    Find information on managing risks to your business.

  11. Measuring how your business performs

    Find information on measuring how your business performance, including setting targets and key performance indicators.

  12. Outsourcing your work

    Find information on how your business can outsource work.

  13. Save money on running your business

    Find information on how your business can save money on running costs.

  14. Selling goods or services in an ethical way

    Find information on how your business can sell goods or services in an ethical way.

  15. Sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge

    Find more information on the Scottish Business Pledge - a voluntary commitment Scottish businesses can make.

  16. Using digital technology in business

    Find information on how your business can use digital technology, such as email, social media, website analytics and eCommerce.

  17. Working with suppliers

    Find information on how to choose and manage suppliers.

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