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Marriage and civil partnerships

Find out about getting married and civil partnerships.

  1. Marriage in Scotland

    Getting married in Scotland including how to register a marriage and documents you need.

  2. Civil partnership in Scotland

    Information on civil partnership including how to register a civil partnership.

  3. Changing a civil partnership to a marriage

    Information on changing a civil partnership to a marriage.

  4. Civil partnership outside of Scotland

    Information on having a civil partnership outside of Scotland including in England and Wales and outside of England and Wales.

  5. Help with a relationship problem

    If you and your partner are having problems and you need extra support to sort things out, relationship counselling or mediation could help you.

  6. Marriage outside of Scotland

    Getting married outside of Scotland including within the UK and abroad.

  7. Forced marriage: support

    What to do if you're trying to stop a forced marriage in Scotland or overseas, or if you need help leaving a marriage you've been forced into.

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