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Civil partnership outside of Scotland

You'll need to do different things if you want to have your civil partnership:

  • in England and Wales
  • outside of England and Wales

England and Wales

When you want to have a civil partnership elsewhere in England and Wales, you need to prove there's no reason you cannot. You can get a document called a 'certificate of no impediment' from a Scottish registrar.

Speak to your local registrar to find out how to get this certificate.

Find out more about having a civil partnership in:

Outside of England and Wales

You'll need to follow the rules of the particular country you're planning to have your civil partnership in. You can find out information about this from the consulate (a representative of a country) or embassy of the country.

There's a list of consulates in Scotland on the VisitScotland website and embassies in London on the GOV.UK website.

Check with the embassy, consulate or Citizens Advice Bureau about whether your civil partnership will be recognised in the UK.

You may wish to get legal advice or speak to Citizens Advice about whether your civil partnership from overseas will be recognised in Scotland.

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