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Bereavement support and advice

Bereavement information and support services to help you cope with a death. Includes grief and bereavement counselling.

  1. Bereavement support

    Find resources and support to help when you have to cope with a death.

  2. Time off for family and dependants (compassionate leave)

    Your legal right to time off to care for dependants – when you can take time off, how long you get, your rights.

  3. Children and bereavement

    When a baby or child dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.

  4. Road crash victims: support

    Information and advice for people bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash.

  5. Families of murder victims: support

    Support for families and friends who've been bereaved as a result of a murder or culpable homicide.

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