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Death and bereavement

Funerals, registering a death, Inheritance Tax, bereavement benefits and support.

  1. What to do when someone dies

    The steps you must take when someone dies – register a death, the procurator fiscal, funerals and bereavement support.

  2. If someone dies outside Scotland

    The steps you must take when someone dies outside Scotland or abroad – register a death, post-mortems, funerals and support.

  3. Funerals, burials and cremations

    Funeral directors, burial plots, crematoriums, how to arrange a funeral, funeral costs.

  4. Death registrations and certificates

    Register a death, get copies of a death certificate, find a register office.

  5. Tell Us Once

    Tell Us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

  6. Applying for confirmation when someone dies

    How to apply for confirmation when someone dies.

  7. Bereavement support and advice

    Bereavement information and support services to help you cope with a death. Includes grief and bereavement counselling.

  8. Benefits, money and your home after bereavement

    Bereavement benefits, Funeral Support Payment and housing rights after a death.

  9. Finding a will

    How to find a will if someone dies.

  10. Help after the death of a partner

    What you need to do and what help you can get after the death of your husband, wife or partner.

  11. If a death is reported to the procurator fiscal

    Information about what happens when a death is reported to the procurator fiscal, including post mortems and fatal accident inquiries.

  12. Inheritance Tax

    Dealing with Inheritance Tax, paying your Inheritance Tax bill and Business Relief for Inheritance Tax.

  13. Ownerless property

    Find out about bona vacantia, ultimus haeres and treasure trove.

  14. Planning for death

    Make plans for when you die and plan your own funeral.

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