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Social Security Scotland

Apply for a Social Security Scotland benefit or find out what to do if you've already applied and need some more help.

  1. Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods

    How to apply for the School Age Payment, Early Learning Payment, Pregnancy and Baby Payment and a prepaid card to buy healthy food.

  2. Scottish Child Payment

    Find out about Scottish Child Payment, who can get it and how to apply.

  3. Funeral Support Payment

    Find out more about the Funeral Support Payment and burial costs.

  4. Young Carer Grant

    How to apply for Young Carer Grant, what happens after you've applied and how to get help from Social Security Scotland.

  5. Carer's Allowance Supplement

    Find information on Carer's Allowance Supplement, including what it is, who can get it and how it's paid.

  6. Job Start Payment

    Find out how to apply for Job Start Payment.

  7. Report benefit fraud in Scotland

    Use the online form to report someone you have reason to think is committing benefit fraud in Scotland.

  8. Get extra support applying for benefits in Scotland

    If you need help expressing your views when applying for Social Security Scotland benefits, you could get help from an independent advocate.

  9. Contact Social Security Scotland

    How to contact Social Security Scotland, give feedback or make a complaint.

  10. Social Security Scotland satisfaction survey

    About the Social Security Scotland satisfaction survey.

  11. Contact from Social Security Scotland

    How to recognise when a text message or email from Social Security Scotland is genuine, and how to identify phishing or fake text messages or emails.

  12. Complain about Social Security Scotland

    You can complain about Social Security Scotland by phone or by post.

  13. Unacceptable actions policy of Social Security Scotland

    Information about how Social Security Scotland handles and processes unacceptable client actions

  14. If you do not agree with a benefit decision

    What to do if you've been denied a benefit or payment you think you should get.

  15. Uploading your documents

    Find out how to upload your documents to Social Security Scotland.

  16. Appeal to a Tribunal about a benefit decision

    Find out how to go to a Tribunal to appeal against a benefit decision.

  17. Acting on behalf of someone claiming benefits

    If you want to apply for a benefit on behalf of someone else, find out how.

  18. Privacy notice and data protection - Social Security Scotland

    Information on your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  19. Benefits if you leave Scotland or travel abroad

    Find out what happens to benefits if you leave Scotland or travel abroad.

  20. Child Disability Payment

    Information about Child Disability Payment including payment rates, who should apply, how to apply, what happens after you apply and what to do if you disagree with a decision.

  21. If you need help from Social Security Scotland

    How you can get support from Social Security Scotland by making an appointment with their Local Delivery service.

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