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Overview of unacceptable actions

Social Security Scotland aims to deliver benefits in a positive and supportive way. They believe access to social security is a basic human right.

The Social Security Scotland charter helps achieve this. It explains what you can expect when using the service.

It guides everything that Social Security Scotland does, including their policy on unacceptable actions.

What to expect from Social Security Scotland

Everyone who uses the Social Security Scotland service has the right to be heard, understood and respected. Their staff have the same rights.

Social Security Scotland aim to:

  • make it clear what they can and cannot do to help you
  • work with everyone fairly, honestly, consistently and appropriately
  • provide a service that's accessible and inclusive to all
  • make sure nobody suffers due to the unacceptable actions of others
  • be open and never promise things they cannot deliver

What they expect from you

You should treat Social Security Scotland staff with dignity, fairness and respect. Sometimes people can behave in a way that's unacceptable. Social Security Scotland will take steps to protect their staff and other people in these situations.

This policy sets out the type of actions that are unacceptable. It explains:

  • the steps they take to try to prevent unacceptable actions
  • what unacceptable actions are
  • the different types of unacceptable actions
  • how they manage unacceptable actions
  • how they tell people about their process
  • how they store information on unacceptable actions

Helping prevent an unacceptable action

Social Security Scotland staff will try to calm a situation before it becomes an unacceptable action. They'll do this where it's safe to do so.

They might:

  • remind you that they are here to help as best they can
  • let you know that your actions are becoming unacceptable
  • tell you what will happen if these unacceptable actions continue
  • signpost you to this policy, if appropriate

You'll have the chance to change your behaviour where possible.

When an unacceptable action takes place

Staff who face continued aggressive or abusive behaviour will deal with the situation right away. They'll decide what's right to do in line with this policy.

They'll tell you that your actions are unacceptable. If the behaviour does not change, Social Security Scotland's staff might:

  • end the phone call or webchat
  • end the face-to-face meeting
  • contact the police
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