Apply for basic disclosure

Last updated: 31 July 2018

After you apply

When you've completed your online application you'll see an acknowledgement on the screen telling you your application has been accepted.

Track your application

48 hours after you've applied, you'll be able use the application tracker to see the progress of your application.

Reference number

The acknowledgement will include an 18-digit application reference number. It will look something like this: 008171475060354444.

It's important to keep a note of or print your reference number. It will only be sent to you if you provide an email address in your application. You'll be asked for it if you contact Disclosure Scotland about your application.

When you should receive your certificate

If you've correctly completed your application and supplied the right supporting documents, you should receive your basic disclosure certificate within 14 calendar days.

If Disclosure Scotland needs to speak to you about your application, they'll contact you using the contact details supplied in your application.

Get help

If you don't receive your certificate within 14 days of applying and you haven't heard from Disclosure Scotland, you can contact them to check what's happened.

You must include your 18-digit case reference number when you contact Disclosure Scotland.

You can get in touch:

Apply for basic disclosure
After you apply