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The trustee

The trustee is someone who'll manage your bankruptcy. It's usually AiB but you can choose your own trustee. The money adviser should discuss this with you when you apply. 

You cannot choose a trustee if you apply through the Minimal Asset Process. The trustee is AiB.

Your assets

Your assets (the things you own) are transferred to your trustee. They may sell them to pay your debts.

Read more about your assets.

What the trustee will do

The trustee will contact you to arrange an appointment. It can be in person or by phone.

The trustee will ask about:

  • debts 
  • assets (including savings and property)
  • income (including pensions)
  • outgoings

They'll also:

  • explain their role
  • tell you what they need from you and when
  • answer any questions you have about the bankruptcy process

Bankruptcy payments

The trustee will tell you if you need to make payments to your bankruptcy debt from your income.

If so, they'll tell you how to do this. 

Read more about payments from your income.

Cooperating with the trustee

You must cooperate with the trustee at all times. 

You must:

  • give the trustee any information they ask for
  • tell the trustee right away about any change in your circumstances
  • make any bankruptcy payments you need to

If you do not, the trustee can increase the length of your bankruptcy.

Contacting the trustee

The trustee contact details are included in your bankruptcy award letter.

If AiB is the trustee


Phone: 0300 200 2600

Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm. 

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