Arranging a funeral
Last updated: 10 November 2020

Funeral costs

Funeral costs can include:

  • funeral director fees
  • things the funeral director pays for on your behalf, like crematorium or cemetery fees, or a newspaper announcement about the death
  • local council burial or cremation fees

Paying for a funeral

The funeral can be paid for:

  • from a financial scheme the person had, like a pre-paid funeral plan or insurance policy
  • by you, or other family members or friends
  • with money from the person's estate (eg savings)

Check if there is a pre-paid funeral plan, life insurance or savings to cover the costs of the funeral, including whether a lair (burial plot) has already been paid for in a churchyard or cemetery. You could look for papers at home or discuss with other relatives who might know.

Help with funeral costs

You can apply for a Funeral Support Payment to help towards funeral costs.

Find more information on who can apply apply for Funeral Support Payment.

If you do not qualify for a Funeral Support Payment

There are other bereavement benefits available to help you cope with money after a death.

Citizens Advice can offer help and advice if you have money worries or questions about benefits. Find your nearest bureau.