After you've applied for Best Start Grant

Last updated: 10 May 2019

Most of the time, you'll simply get a letter to let you know whether you're going to be paid Best Start Grant. This will be within 10 working days of applying. If you're going to get a payment, this will be within 5 working days of getting your letter.

If Social Security Scotland need to ask you a question before they can finish checking your form, you'll also be told this within 10 working days of applying.

Working days do not include weekends and bank holidays. 10 working days start when Social Security Scotland get your form. Online or over the phone, this is the same day that you apply. If you send a paper form, it's 10 working days from the day Social Security Scotland get your form through the post.

If you were told you need to send a copy of a certificate or legal order when you applied, you'll need to send this before Social Security Scotland can finish checking your form.

You should post the copy to:

Best Start Grant
PO Box 10300

You should check you've paid the right amount of postage before you send the copy of your certificate or legal order.

Try to send copies of certificates or legal orders, rather than originals.

Text message to confirm you've applied

If you asked for a text message to confirm Social Security Scotland have got your form, you'll get this text within a couple of hours of your form being received.

If you need to get in touch

By phone

Freephone: 0800 182 2222 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

By post

Social Security Scotland
PO Box 10303