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University costs

The main types of costs when you go to university are:

Type of cost More information
Tuition fees The fees the university will charge for studying the course.
Living costs Like accommodation, travel, food, and childcare if you're a parent.
Choosing where to study You may need to travel to open days – the cost will depend on the distance and what kind of transport you use.
Extra costs These could be to do with your course (like field trips) or your personal circumstances.
Applying to university through UCAS or UCAS Conservatoires Check the UCAS website for the application fee details.
Graduation Tickets for the graduation ceremony can be free but there may be other costs e.g. hiring a gown or paying a photographer.

You can apply for student funding to help you pay these costs.

If you have money problems while you're at university, you can apply for extra money.

Extra costs

There can be costs when you go to university on top of tuition fees and living costs. These costs could be to do with your personal circumstances or your course.

Your personal circumstances

Information on financial help you can get due to personal circumstances can be found in the SAAS funding guide.

Your course

Some courses have extra costs like:

  • trips
  • equipment for example art materials, books
  • membership fees to professional bodies
  • entrance to accredited exams
  • travel and accommodation costs for placements – Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) can help with nursing and midwifery students and some students studying health related courses
  • travel abroad as part of your course – if you have to spend time abroad for your course speak to SAAS about potential financial support

Ask your university if your tuition fee covers any of these extra costs to do with your course.

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