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Education and training

School, college, university, apprenticeships and student funding.

  1. Learning at home, home education and flexi schooling

    These are the official terms for different types of education in the home. We use these rather than 'home schooling' or 'teaching at home'.

  2. Activity agreements

    Information on plans to help young people prepare for employment, training, education and/or volunteering called 'Activity Agreements'.

  3. Apprenticeships and training for work

    Qualifications, courses, funding and modern apprenticeships.

  4. Early years and pre-school

    Information on early years education, including pre-school and nursery options.

  5. Find where your child can learn Gaelic

    Search for nearby schools and advice on teaching your child Gaelic.

  6. Free school transport

    Find out if your child can get free school transport from your local council.

  7. Get your exam results and past qualifications online

    Get your exam results texted or emailed to you, and find your old qualifications.

  8. Going to college

    Information about college and other further education opportunities.

  9. Going to university

    Guidance and advice on higher education.

  10. Primary school

    Information on primary education in Scotland.

  11. Resolve a school dispute if your child has additional needs

    Find out about your options if your child has support needs or a disability and you aren't happy with their education.

  12. School closures in an emergency

    School closure information can be found on your local council's website.

  13. School inspection reports

    Find out how well a school is performing.

  14. Secondary school

    Find out about secondary education, including school holidays and applying for an Education Maintenance Allowance.

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