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Using your under 22s bus pass

Where can you use your bus pass 

You can use your bus pass on most bus services in Scotland. 

How to use your bus pass 

Your bus pass is an NEC smart card. This means it will be recognised automatically by the electronic card reader on the bus, if it has one. You do not need to tell the bus driver that you travel for free. 

To use your bus pass: 

  1. get on the bus 

  2. tell the bus driver where you are going 

  3. tap your card on the electronic card reader

You do not need to tap your bus pass again when you leave the bus.

Where you cannot use your bus pass 

You cannot use your bus pass to travel for free: 

  • on trains, ferries or trams 

  • on the Glasgow Subway 

  • outside of Scotland, except on a limited number of services between the south of Scotland and the north of England 

If you live on a Scottish island 

If you have a Young Scot card you'll be sent 4 free ferry vouchers each year while you're 16, 17 and 18.  

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