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Finding a selling agent

Although you can choose to sell the home yourself, the majority of people selling property find a selling agent to do it for them instead.

A selling agent takes over the selling process for a fee to make things less complicated for you.

You can use either an estate agent or a solicitor as a selling agent.

Estate agents

An estate agent will write up a property description for your home and advertise it for sale.

They will also deal with enquiries, give you advice on offers and pass any formal offers on to your solicitor.

When shopping around for an estate agent, ask them for a written estimate of their total charges, including commission, advertising and VAT.


A solicitor will either advertise and market your home or register it with a local solicitors' property centre.

If you're also planning on buying a new home at the same time as selling your old one, some solicitors will charge you lower rates or offer a package deal if you let them handle both your buying and selling.

If you contact a solicitor to ask about their service, they must write to you as soon as possible with an estimate of the total fee.

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