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Construction type

Early on you'll need to consider what type of material you want your house to be made from.

Each type of construction is different. The method you choose will affect things like:

  • the price
  • how well insulated your house is
  • how easy it'll be to change the layout of your house in the future

Some of the most common types are:

Timber frame

The house has a basic wooden frame, covered in waterproof material (like stone or bricks). A number of companies sell timber frame 'kit homes', which are house styles that have already been designed and just need to be put together.

Brick and block

An outer wall is built using bricks, then an inner wall is built. An insulating material is used to fill the gap.

Steel frame construction

A steel frame is built and panels are attached to it. The panels are then coated, or made waterproof in some other way. Many of the materials for this can be made in advance, so building a steel frame house on-site can be quick.

Insulated concrete formwork

The house is made out of polystyrene blocks with a hole inside. Concrete is then poured into the hole to make it airtight and well insulated. The blocks are then covered with a protective layer.

Other modern methods

There are other modern methods for building homes. Some of these are more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and will reduce your fuel bills. However, some lenders won't lend a mortgage for these types of construction because they're still quite new and are considered risky. Check with your lender first.

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