Register a birth
Last updated: 23 June 2020

Registering a birth during coronavirus

You cannot register a birth right now because of coronavirus.

You'll be able to register a birth at a later date. It's not yet possible to confirm a date for this.

We'll update this page when the situation changes.

Registering with a doctor

You normally need to register a birth before you can register your child with a doctor. But during coronavirus you will not need to show proof you've registered the birth to do this.

It's important you contact your doctor's practice to register your child.

Child benefit

You can still claim Child Benefit even if you cannot register your child's birth due to coronavirus.

If you're a first time parent you need to complete the Child Benefit claim form. You need to include that you've not been able to register the birth due to coronavirus.

If you already claim Child Benefit you can complete the form or phone 0300 200 3100 to add your child's details. You'll need your National Insurance number or Child Benefit number.

Find out more about claiming Child Benefit during coronavirus.

Get further help

Get further help on registering a birth during coronavirus on the National Records of Scotland website.