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Scottish Veterans Commissioner

The Scottish Veterans Commissioner (SVC) works to improve the lives and opportunities of the veterans community in Scotland. They do this by engaging with members of the ex-Service community. They also engage with the public, private and voluntary organisations that represent them.

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Role and responsibilities

Current Scottish Veterans Commissioner

The Commissioner is independent from the Scottish Government. The postholder gives impartial advice on how to improve support for the veterans community. They give this advice to both the government and other public sector organisations. The role is a non-statutory one. This means it’s not about inspection, scrutiny or enforcement.

The Commissioner is an ambassador for all veterans in Scotland. They help public services and other’s focus on how veterans experience services. In particular, the experience of veterans who may still ‘slip through the net’.

The Commissioner is not an ombudsman or regulator. This means they cannot take on individual cases.

An important part of the Commissioner’s role is to help make sure we recognise veterans for their skills and attributes. They promote veterans as valuable assets to their local communities and highlight the contribution veterans make to the wider Scottish economy.


The Scottish Veterans Commissioner has published a number of reports since he was appointed which you can read below.

The Transition in Scotland report (2015) looked at the challenges faced by servicemen and women as they transition into civilian life. It made a number of recommendations on how we can improve transition for those looking to resettle in Scotland.

The Report on the provision of information on Housing for Service Leavers and Veterans in Scotland (2015) recommended changes to improve the quality and accessibility of housing information for the ex-Service community in Scotland. You can find more information on housing in Scotland here.

The Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning (2016) advised Scottish Ministers on improving employment and learning opportunities for veterans in Scotland.

You can read the Scottish Government Response to the Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning report here.

The Commissioner recently published a short “think-piece” on key health issues for the veterans community, Veterans’ Health & Wellbeing in Scotland: Are we getting it right? (2017). This report will be followed by at least two further reports going into more detail on these issues and making recommendations to the Scottish Government and its partners to improve the health outcomes of our veterans.

Veterans' Health & Wellbeing - A Distinctive Scottish Approach (2018) is the Commissioners second health and wellbeing report. It looks at the current provision of health and social care for veterans in Scotland, provides an assessment of where things currently stand and considers what the future might hold.

If you would like to know more about the work of the commissioner or have some feedback on our reports, please get in touch using the contact details below.



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Scottish Veterans Commissioner
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