What is myaccount?

myaccount is a simple, secure way to access a range of Scottish public services online using just one username and password

Using myaccount

  • Begin by registering for an online account.
  • This provides you with a username and password.
  • You only need to complete this registration process once.
  • From then on you can use your username and password to access a range of online public services such as paying a council tax bill or requesting a car parking permit.

Access to these public services is not changing

  • You will continue to be able to access them through a wide range of ways including in person at local offices.
  • This new online access provides an additional facility for the increasing numbers of people who want to access services and undertake transactions online.

Where can I use myaccount?

Some public services already use myaccount to allow you to access their online services, and you will see this on their websites.

The number of services you can access with myaccount is continually increasing.

Access myaccount

Help using myaccount

If you need help with your myaccount you can find it at

If you can't find an answer to your problem using the online help then you can ask someone to help by filling out a support request form. The support request form is available by scrolling to the bottom of this page


To find out more about the myaccount service or provide feedback please email the Improvement Service at: