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Create a Rent Increase Notice for your tenant

You should only use this notice if your tenant has a 'private residential tenancy'.

If your tenant started renting from you on or after 1 December 2017, they're likely to have a private residential tenancy.

If the tenancy started before 1 December 2017 they don't have a private residential tenancy unless you changed their tenancy to a private residential tenancy on or after 1 December 2017.

How to use this notice

You can fill in your details after pressing 'start'. Once you're finished, you can download a complete Rent Increase Notice that you can give to your tenant.

The law says that you need to give your tenant this notice if you want to increase their rent. If your tenant has a private residential tenancy, you cannot use any other form of notice to tell them about a rent increase. For example, you cannot use a letter.

When you download your finished Rent Increase Notice the download will also include 2 sets of notes. These are:

  • Guidance Notes for Landlords - these explain the process of making an increase to your tenant's rent
  • Guidance Notes for Tenants - these explain the rent increase process to your tenant and you should pass these notes on to them

You must give your tenant 3 months' notice

It's the law that you must give your tenant at least 3 months' notice before you charge them a higher rent.

If you're giving your tenant this notice by email or post, you'll also need to give them 2 days to get it.

Joint tenants

You can give one Rent Increase Notice to 2 or more tenants as long as:

  • they have a joint tenancy
  • you add all their names to the Rent Increase Notice you give them

If your tenants don't have a joint tenancy you will need to give each tenant their own Rent Increase Notice.

Rent pressure zones

If property you're letting is in a rent pressure zone it means there's a limit on how much you can increase your tenant's rent.

As part of this form we'll check:

  • whether the property you're letting is in a rent pressure zone
  • how this affects the rent increase you want to make

Tenancy start date

When did the tenancy agreement between you and your tenant start?

Use DD/MM/YYYY format.

First time increase

Is this the first time you've increased this tenant's rent?

Use DD/MM/YYYY format.

Current rent

Giving this notice

How are you going to give your tenant this notice?


Enter a postcode to find the property's address.


You can add a Rent Service Scotland (RSS) approved increase to your rent if:

  • you've made improvements to your property
  • you've had these improvements approved by RSS
  • they've confirmed an increase that you can add to your rent
Do you need to add this increase?

New rent

On what date will the rent go up?

Letting agent

Does a person, such as a letting agent, manage the property for you?


Enter the address manually



Your Rent Increase Notice is ready to download

You need to tick the 'I'm not a robot' box before you can download your form.

Signing this notice

If you're sending this notice by email you can sign it without printing the notice.

You can sign a Word document by opening the document in Microsoft Word and typing your name where you need to sign.

If you're signing a PDF, you can open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and use Adobe's 'fill & sign' tool.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you can get it as a free download. You can also read Adobe's advice about signing a PDF if you need more help.

Keep a version saved

You should keep a record of emails you send to and receive from your tenant.

Your tenant's response to this notice

This notice includes a page your tenant can fill in.

If they fill in this page, they can choose an option to:

  • accept the rent increase
  • advise they won't need to pay you the new amount until 3 months have passed, if you haven't given them 3 months' notice
  • tell you that they do not think the new rent amount is fair

Your tenant can ask Rent Service Scotland (RSS) to rule on whether the rent increase is fair. Your tenant can only apply to RSS if they do not live in a Rent Pressure Zone.

If your tenant doesn't choose any of these options the rent increase will apply from the date you've asked for in the notice.

Giving your tenant this notice

You must give your tenant this notice in the way agreed in your tenancy agreement.

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