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Help if you're made redundant

There are options to help you look after your money and return to work if you're made redundant.

Understanding redundancy

Know your rights

Read what you may be entitled to – like redundancy pay and a consultation with your employer.

Redundancy: your rights – GOV.UK

Find advice on notice periods, gardening leave and time off for job interviews.

Your legal rights when facing redundancy – Money Helper

Get information on what your employer is meant to do if they make you redundant.

Redundancy procedures your employer must follow – Citizens Advice Scotland

Get one-to-one advice from Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE), a free redundancy support service from the Scottish Government.

PACE – My World of Work

Get redundancy pay

You're normally entitled to statutory redundancy pay if you're an employee – someone who works under an employment contract – and you've been working for 2 years or more.

Calculate your statutory redundancy pay – GOV.UK

Lay offs and short-time working

Your employer can ask you to stay at home or take unpaid leave if there's not enough work for you.

A lay-off is if you're off work for at least 1 working day. Short-time working is when your hours are cut.

Find out more about lay offs and short-time working.

Looking after your money

Look for a new job

Find out what support's available if you want to try a new career.

Changing your career following redundancy – Money Helper

Search for jobs, get help with your CV and find learning and training opportunities.

My World of Work – Scotland's national careers website

You can look for jobs using Universal Jobmatch. Register to save job searches, upload your CV and set up email alerts.

Find a Job – GOV.UK

Claim benefits

Find out what benefits you can get and how to claim.

Benefits calculators – GOV.UK

Benefits - Citizens Advice Scotland

Create a budget

Get on top of your budgeting after a drop in income.

Out of work checklist – Money Helper

Manage your debts

Get tips on keeping up debt repayments.

Managing debts if you've lost your job –  Money Helper

Create a personalised action plan to help you look after your money.

Money Talk Team

The Money Talk Team service offers free money and debt advice.

The service can help you understand what you’re entitled to and ways to save money.

It can help you find out:

  • what benefits and other financial support you may be entitled to
  • how you can manage debt
  • ways to save money on your outgoings

You can get more information on the Money Talk Team website or by calling 0800 028 1456. You can also visit your local Citizens Advice Scotland for in person support.

Keeping your home

Deal with rent or mortgage arrears

Find out how to deal with rent arrears if you live in private, council or social housing – including what help you can get to pay your rent.

Read our guide on dealing with rent arrears.

If you're experiencing mortgage difficulties and you're worried about losing your home, there is support available to you.

Read our guide for home owners with mortgage difficulties.

Deal with repossession

Find advice on what to do if your home is being repossessed.

Repossession advice – Shelter Scotland

If you need legal advice about mortgage difficulties, going to court or repossession, you might be eligible for legal aid.

Check if you're eligible for legal aid

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