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Find an umbrella body

If you're an employer you do not have to be registered with Disclosure Scotland to use their disclosure service. You can use another registered company to process your staff disclosures. These other companies are often called 'umbrella bodies'.

You can use the list below to choose an umbrella body for your disclosure needs.

Disclosure Scotland is not responsible for information provided by umbrella bodies. Including their details in this page does not mean Disclosure Scotland endorse or recommend their services.

Umbrella bodies covering all areas and types of business

Umbrella body name Cost
Absolute Disclosure from £25 per application
Advisory PVG £20 per application
Alba Childcare Agency £15 per application
Amiqus Various
Association for Real Change £13.50–£15 per application
Barnsley and Barnsley Consultants £20 per application
Carolyn Glen Disclosure Services £27 per application
Childsafe £18 per application

Core-Asset Verify

Variable - prices on request

Credence Background Screening Limited

£10-£15 per application
Disclosure Services £12 per application (£7.20 for not-for-profit organisations)
Due Diligence Checking Variable, depending on application type and volume
Elite Childcare Agency £16 per application
European Background £25 per application
Experian Background Checking £15 per application
First Standard Group Limited £22–£25 per application
G4S £17 + VAT per application
MacLeod Scott Disclosures Glasgow  £25 + VAT per application
Mayflower Disclosure Services £10.99 + VAT per application
Poppy Homecare £18 + VAT per application
Recruitment Direct UK Ltd £15 per application Limited From £15 + VAT per application
uCheck Variable, depending on application type and volume
Verifile Limited £6–£19 per application, depending on volume/service requirements

Umbrella bodies covering specific areas of Scotland

Umbrella body name Areas covered Cost
Baird Taxis Ltd., telephone 07747 194 661 / 01324 612 012 Falkirk and central Scotland £15 per application
Joe's Radio Cars West Lothian and Lanarkshire £20 per application
Scottish Disclosures

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highlands and Islands

£30 per application
Thank Evans Childcare Agency Limited Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire £40 per application

Umbrella bodies covering specific types of business

Umbrella body name Sectors covered Cost
Care and Learning Alliance childcare free to CALA members. Services not available to non-members
Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services voluntary N/A
Youth Scotland members of Youth Scotland only. free to members of Youth Scotland

If you choose to use an umbrella body to process your disclosures, the relationship is between you and the umbrella body and not directly with Disclosure Scotland. However, any organisation using disclosure services, whether they use an umbrella body or not, has to accept certain responsibilities.

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