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How to provide information to the independent reviewer

Once the independent reviewer receives information about your pre-12 behaviour they will:

  • contact you to let you know exactly what they've received
  • invite you to take part in the review

This stage is very important. It's your chance to explain any circumstances that may have led to your actions, and you'll have 28 days to do so.

If you're not sure of what to say, or how to write it all down, think about asking someone to help. You could ask a friend, family member or teacher, for example.

When writing your reply you should be completely honest.

Writing your reply

Before you write the reply, think about:

  • what was happening at school
  • what was happening at home or in your family
  • what your friends were like

Was anything happening that could have affected your behaviour?

You might not remember everything about what happened, but you could ask yourself:

  • did I do it on my own?
  • was I pressured by anyone?
  • why did I do it?

You should also think about anything you have done since to move on with your life, such as any:

  • guidance, training or classes you have taken part in
  • time spent with people or organisations who have helped you
  • counselling or treatment you have received

The 28-day timeframe

Replying to the independent reviewer is called 'providing your representations'. You'll be asked to write your reply and you'll have 28 days to do so.

If you miss the 28-day deadline, you can still provide the information so long as you give a reason as to why it is late.

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