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Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG)

Dental students in Scotland can apply for a grant of £4,000 a year to help with the cost of their studies. This is called the Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG).

Who can apply?

You can apply for a DSSG if you:

  • are enrolled for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at Aberdeen, Dundee or Glasgow University
  • have an annual household income of less than £34,000 per year
  • are allowed to live and work in Scotland after graduation

Before you apply

If you get a DSSG, you must agree to work for the NHS in Scotland for 12 months for each year you get a grant. The time must be worked in one unbroken length of service.

If you don't complete the time you need to work within the NHS after graduation, you'll have to pay back some or all of the grant you received.
DSSG grants received Months you'll need to work in the NHS
1 grant 12 months
2 grants 24 months
3 grants 36 months
4 grants 48 months

You'll also need to:

  • start work within 14 months of your graduation
  • make sure 80% of your earnings are from NHS work
If you withdraw from your course, you'll have to pay back any grant you get.

When to apply

You must apply by 31 December in each academic year you want to claim a grant.

Which year you can first apply depends on which University you attend:

University Year you can first apply for a DSSG
Aberdeen First
Dundee Second
Glasgow Second

How to apply

You must apply for a DSSG every year.

To apply for a DSSG:

1. Application form

Complete the DSSG application form.

2. Get copies of your supporting documents

Find out what documents you need to supply with your application.

Students from Scotland

A copy of your Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

If you are not eligible for funding from SAAS (for example , you are studying dentistry as a second degree), you may use the following as proof of income:

  • tax return
  • P60

Students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Your confirmation that you're happy for the university to confirm your household income with Student Finance.

International students

Your confirmation that you're eligible to live and work in Scotland after graduation. You'll also need to give proof of your annual household income. Such as a:

  • tax return
  • income certificate
  • proof of earnings

3. Sign the DSSG contract

Read and sign the DSSG contract.

4. Send information to your University

Send the following documents to your University by 31 December each year you want to apply for a grant:

  • completed application form
  • supporting documents
  • signed DSSG contract

Where to send your forms

When your application is ready, send it to the University you'll be applying to:

University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen Dental Hospital & Institute of Dentistry
School Office
University of Aberdeen
Cornhill Road
AB25 2ZR


University of Dundee

Tel: 01382 384801

University of Glasgow

Student Financial Aid Team

Tel: 0141 330 2216/8778

Claiming a grant for a repeated year

If you've had to repeat a year of your studies for personal reasons, you may be able to apply for a repeat year of your DSSG grant.

Each application is assessed individually and you're not guaranteed to get funding.

How to apply for a repeat year of DSSG funding

To apply for a repeat year of your grant, you must complete the full application process and an extenuating circumstances application form.

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