Criminal record checks for coronavirus (COVID-19) response workers

Last updated: 26 June 2020

Disclosure Scotland will prioritise checks for the workers Scotland needs to deal with the coronavirus.

You do not have to pay for disclosures for coronavirus response workers. This will remain in place until midnight on Friday 25 December 2020.

If the disclosure is not for a coronavirus response worker, you can apply by email for routine disclosures.

Who is a coronavirus response worker

A coronavirus response worker is someone:

  • in a role only supporting the response to coronavirus
  • working in a qualifying sector
  • who only needs a disclosure because of their coronavirus work

The qualifying sectors are:

  • healthcare (including dental care)
  • pharmaceutical
  • childcare
  • social work
  • social care
  • prisons, law and order, and justice
  • education (early years, primary and secondary)
  • emergency services
  • critical national infrastructure
  • energy and water supply
  • defence
  • local and central government public services
  • environmental protection
  • animal health and welfare
  • funeral services
  • medicines and pharmaceutical supply
  • food supply and food processing
  • chemical supply
  • telecommunications
  • public transport
  • postal and delivery services
  • financial services
  • food retail

Applications for coronavirus response workers


Coronavirus response volunteers or workers can apply for a basic disclosure online. You can also apply online for a basic disclosure for any other purpose, but you will need to pay a £25 fee.

By email

These forms can be used by organisations. Self-employed people can also use the forms for the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.

Use these forms to apply for priority disclosures for coronavirus response workers only:

Forms must be signed and sent by countersignatories. Self-employed applicants to the PVG Scheme do not need to do this.

Email completed forms to

We will accept an electronic signature from the applicant and countersignatory. Either a typewritten or scanned signature is valid. There is no need to print and sign a form by hand.

All qualifying voluntary organisations (QVOs) enrolled with Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS) should follow VSDS processes.


If you submitted and paid for a disclosure for a coronavirus response worker, you can get a refund.