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Waste collections

Local councils and private waste disposal companies can collect your business waste.

If you chose a private waste disposal company, you can check with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency to check it's registered.

Waste transfer notes

You must fill out a waste transfer note for each load of waste you transport and keep copies of all of your waste transfer notes for at least 2 years.

Single notes and season tickets

There are 2 types of waste transfer note:

  • a single waste transfer note
  • a season ticket waste transfer note - covers multiple transfers over a 12 month period

You can only use a season ticket waste transfer note if the following do not change:

  • the type of waste
  • the site where the waste came from
  • those involved in the transfer (for example, the waste producer and registered waste carrier)

Get a licence to transport waste

You need to be registered if you want to transport waste as part of your business. Register as a waste carrier or broker in Scotland.

Importing and exporting waste

Most waste can't be imported or exported if it's for disposal (for example, landfill). See the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's (SEPA) guidance on the transfrontier shipment of waste.

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