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Environment and countryside

Access to and protection of the countryside and managing wildlife on your land

  1. Apply for a muirburn licence

    Information on getting permission to carry out muirburn out of season.

  2. Apply for a snare identification number

    Apply for a snare identification number from Police Scotland.

  3. Boating on Scottish canals

    Get information before sailing on Scotland's canals.

  4. Find protected areas of countryside

    Find protected areas, check if your business or home is near one and what environmental restrictions apply.

  5. Find the air quality in your area

    Check to see how clean the air is in your area.

  6. Find the water quality in your area

    Search by postcode to make sure the water in your area is clean.

  7. Importing and exporting forestry goods

    Information on importing and exporting forestry goods in Scotland. Includes timber and wood products, Forest Reproductive Materials, plants and plant products.

  8. Licence to release non-native wildlife and plants

    Information on applying for permission to keep or release non-native animals or plants.

  9. Managing wildlife on your land

    You may need a wildlife licence to kill, cull, remove or disturb the habitats of legally protected species.

  10. Paddling on Scottish canals

    Information for planning ahead before paddling on Scotland's canals.

  11. Report a wildlife crime

    Find out what to do if you think you’ve seen a wildlife crime.

  12. Report an environmental incident

    Find out how and when to report an environmental incident.

  13. The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code

    Information and guidlines on watching marine wildflife safely and responsibly.

  14. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code

    Information on your rights and responsibilities when exploring Scotland's outdoors.

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