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Learning at home

Learning at home is the learning which happens in the home, outdoors and in the community.

Everyday activities that families already do can be learning at home. They can overlap with parts of organised or active learning activities, such as:

  • play
  • leisure activities
  • fun events
  • sports
  • trips
  • cultural or volunteering experiences

It can also happen through school-related activities, homework, reading and sharing books.

You can find learning at home guidance and support for parents on Parent Club.

Learning at home is part of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006. The Review of Learning at Home has more information for all educators working with parents, carers and families.

School closures

During emergency school closures, teachers may give children materials to take home. This lets children continue to learn while staying safe at home.

If you ever have concerns about sending your child to school, talk to the school first. If you are still concerned afterwards, talk to your local council.

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