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Selling or closing a business

Find information on selling or closing a business.

  1. Help for management teams looking to buy their business

    Information for management teams looking to buy their business including writing business plans, agreeing terms and conditions and arranging funding.

  2. Planning to sell your business (succession planning and exit readiness)

    Information on selling your business when you plan to leave or retire.

  3. Selling your business: your responsibilities

    Your responsibilities when selling your company, partnership or sole trader business, including legal responsibilities and finalising your tax affairs.

  4. Closing a business

    Information about preparing to close or sell your business and closing the sale.

  5. Closing a limited company

    How to close a limited company or allow to become dormant, including strike off, dissolution and voluntary liquidation.

  6. Stop being self-employed

    If you've stopped being self-employed or are leaving a business partnership, you must tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Read about responsibilities, tax returns, and letting any employees know.

  7. Put your company into administration

    How to put your limited company or limited liability partnership into administration – what administration is, appointing an administrator and when administration ends.

  8. Strike off your limited company from the Companies Register

    How to close down your limited company by getting it struck off the Companies Register.

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