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Closing a business

Business Gateway offers support during the different stages of closing or selling your business.

Preparing to sell your business

This guide on preparing to sell your business can help you:

  • understand the main options
  • decide what is best for you and your business
  • consider options to make your business more attractive to buyers

Closing or selling a business

This guide on closing or selling your business explains:

  • the steps to take to stop being self-employed
  • how to stop trading as a self-employed partner
  • how to wind down a partnership
  • the tax considerations when selling or closing a limited company
  • what you need to tell Companies House if you sell or close your business
  • your obligations as an employer when you sell or close your business

Employee buyout

This guide on employee buyouts includes information on:

  • planning
  • key stages
  • forms of employee ownership
  • financing the buyout
  • running the business after the buyout
  • help and advice

Complete the sale of your business

This guide on completing the sale of your business can help you understand what you need to do.

It explains:

  • preparing your business for sale
  • attracting potential buyers
  • how to negotiate
  • your responsibilities and liabilities
  • what undergoing 'due diligence' means
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