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Adoption, foster care and surrogacy

Includes adopting , getting information about your adoption, becoming a foster carer and surrogacy.

  1. Adopting a child from abroad

    Information on adopting a child from abroad (intercountry adoption) including how to adopt and where you can get support.

  2. Adopting a child from fostering

    Information about adopting a child from fostering.

  3. Adopting a child in Scotland

    Information about adopting a child in Scotland including who can adopt, how to adopt and adoption leave and pay.

  4. Arranging for someone you know to look after your child

    Information for parents about arranging for someone you know to look after your child – known as private fostering.

  5. Becoming a child's guardian

    How to become the guardian of a child that isn't your own, including getting a court order and financial support.

  6. Becoming a foster carer

    Information on becoming a foster parent.

  7. Getting information about your adoption

    How to get information about your adoption including tracing your birth relatives and the adoption contact register.

  8. Having a child for someone else (surrogacy)

    Information on becoming a surrogate and your rights.

  9. Having a child through a surrogate

    Information about having a child through a surrogate.

  10. Guardian's Allowance

    Help if you're looking after a child who is not your own – rates, eligibility, how to claim or appeal a decision.

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