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If you get Best Start Foods and your circumstances change

If you get Best Start Foods and your circumstances change, you should let Social Security Scotland know. This could be if:

  • your name changes
  • your contact details change
  • you move house, this includes if you move outside Scotland
  • you're no longer looking after a child
  • you either have a new partner living with you, or a partner has stopped living with you
  • you no longer get a benefit, or you start getting a new benefit
  • you're pregnant and want to get Best Start Foods instead of your partner

You should also let Social Security Scotland know if you've started looking after another child, to make sure you get all the payments you should. You may also need to update the provider of any other benefits you get.

Read the 'If your circumstances change' guide to find out more about:

  • the changes in circumstances you need to let Social Security Scotland know about
  • how to tell Social Security Scotland about the changes

Get help

If you need further help, call Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222.

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