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Send an application to the Crofting Commission

If you want to carry out an action that needs permission from the Crofting Commission, you need to send an application form.

Visit the Crofting Commission website for application forms and guidance notes for:

  • creating a new croft
  • letting and short term letting
  • subletting your croft
  • change of ownership of a croft (or part of one)
  • assignation (transferring a croft tenancy)
  • renunciation (handing back a croft tenancy to the landlord)
  • change of contact details
  • apportionment (when someone who shares in a common grazing wants to take part of it for their own use)
  • crofter's duties
  • crofter forestry
  • decrofting and resumption
  • exchanging croft land
  • division
  • enlarging croft land
  • succession (naming who owns the croft when the crofter dies)

Depending on what you're applying for, you may also need to publicly advertise your application, or register your croft. The Crofting Commission site will explain if this is the case.

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